Our API is geographically redundant with locations in North America, and Europe. Our API has a long history of nearly 100% uptime. You can view our status and outage history on our status page. Unlike other providers, we provide status of each service's actual health based on API responses (rather than a simple ping test).

During regular operation. All requests are split between all healthy API nodes based on request latency relative to the user's location.

In the event of a (very rare) complete outage of one Data Center (DC) - Customers requests are then prioritized based on plan level, and support level to minimize downtime/disruptions to those with 99.9% uptime agreements first. All other requests may be rejected until the other DC comes back online.

All users regardless of plan levels would be notified if an outage exceeded one hour. Users with premium support plans, or with Service Level Agreements (SLA) would be notified if the outage exceeded 15 minutes.

Due to above reason if you run a service which requires the highest availability of weather data, we recommend upgrading to at least the Business plan with a premium support option. Or contacting us for a custom SLA.

Feel free to contact support@weatherbit.io to discuss your unique support and availability requirements.