No. The Weatherbit API returns the most accurate weather data possible for a given location. Any geographic information returned is considered secondary, and for informational purposes only.

The Geographic information returned in a response bares no relevance to the weather data returned (Weather data will represent the data at the exact point provided, geographic information may or may not).

Most of our API's return geographic fields like city_name, country_code, and state_code . While often accurate, they may not always match what a user expects. This is due a number of reasons - including the fact that our database only holds only ~500,000 city names, and depends on the accuracy of the open source Geonames database. Small towns, villages, or other points of interest are not included.

Geographic information returned will be reasonably accurate on a large scale, but likely not accurate enough to satisfy more intensive requirements.

As such, our API is not intended to supplant the usage of a geocoding or reverse geocoding service. That is, giving a lat/lon and receiving an address, or giving an address and receiving a lat/lon.