Subscriptions and Access

What happens when I exceed a rate limit?

When you exceed a daily limit (requests per day) the API will return an HTTP 429 error until the rate limit resets at 00 UTC. When you exceed a per second limit (requests per second) the requests in excess of this limit will receive an HTTP 429 error from the

How can I monitor my usage?

Every weather data request returns the following HTTP headers: * X-RateLimit-Limit - request quota used * X-RateLimit-Remaining - request quota remaining * X-RateLimit-Reset - datetime (unix timestamp) the request quota will reset Additionally, you may use the subscription usage API to retrieve this information.

What does "3 years historical" access mean?

Depending on the subscribed plan, you may have access to up to 30 years of historical data. For example, the "Pro" plan allows for queries for historical data for dates going back 3 years from the current date.

Does every plan allow historical data access?

No. Currently the "Free" plan allows trial access, and the "Standard" plan does not allow historical data access.

Can I cancel after the first month?

There are no long-term commitments for our subscriptions. You can cancel anytime by logging in, and cancelling in the account dashboard. Please refer to our Billing Terms and Conditions for more information about billing policies.

Can I use the API commercially?

Yes. Any paid plan with a commercial usage allowance in as indicated on the pricing page can be used commercially. Examples of commercial usage (including but not limited to): * Any for-profit company using the API for any reason. * Any non-profit company using the API without explicit permission from us. Contact

Can I store data retrieved from the API locally?

Yes, but only with an active commercial license (paid API subscription). You may store data retrieved with any paid API subscription locally, or with service providers (such as AWS, Azure, etc). A paid subscription must be maintained for the full duration of storage. If you unsubscribe, any data stored must

What is included with Basic/Priority/Premium Support?

For all of our commercial plan users we offer a "Basic Support" option included in the subscription. This includes: * Email support * 3 business day support response time* * 99.5% API uptime (best effort) * Ability to view current API status on our status page. *We make an effort to

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